My clients almost always ask what their clothing clutter is like compared to other people’s. I tell them that there is no right, wrong or magic number of pieces one should own. However, I do believe that everything you own and bring into your valuable wardrobe real estate should be something you love to wear, flatters your shape and is in good condition (sorry favourite top with bobbles). This answer doesn’t always satisfy people, so full disclosure, in my wardrobe at this very point in time, I own:

  • 24 tops,
  • 6 jumpers,
  • 15 dresses,
  • 13 skirts,
  • 4 pairs of shorts,
  • 4 pairs of trousers/pants,
  • 5 scarfs,
  • 13 pairs of shoes and
  • 6 jackets/coats.

That’s a total of 90 items – not including my bags, gym clothes, swimmers, PJs, socks and undies. When I look at this list, it sounds like a pretty big number (particularly given I didn’t count everything – maybe that’s a post for another day). But I have come such a long way from where I was two years ago!

In my adult life, I have owned thousands of pieces of clothes. BDC, (Before DeCluttering), my wardrobe was always bursting and frankly it made getting ready in the morning and absolute ‘mare. I had waaayy too much choice between average clothes that didn’t bring me joy and it made deciding what to wear for the day ahead SO HARD because I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.

Now, choosing what to wear is a breeze.

I check the weather forecast and choose in accordance with the weather and my mood. BDC, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on clothes that I no longer own and I could never recall even 5% of what I bought once upon a time. I did not need and I didn’t even want that volume of clothes, it just, happened…

Decluttering changed the way that I consume.

I am conscious when I am shopping in-store and online not to let my greedy inner-child out. I remind myself that unless I absolutely adore the way it makes me feel and that it matches existing items in my wardrobe, not to buy it. If I’m unsure, I know it’s really not for me.

I also buy far less brand new items and instead look on eBay for pieces that have been preloved. I am reducing my carbon footprint (through the energy and resources that go into making the item) and I am also buying high quality second hand pieces for a fraction of the price of a new item in Westfields.

To encourage reloving and reusing, I am hosting a clothing swap in May, where women bring pre-loved items to swap for other pre-loved items. It is a amazing opportunity to declutter some clothes that no longer bring you joy and top up your own wardrobe, all while keeping fabulous items out of landfill.

Sign up to the event HERE, I can’t wait to meet you!

P.S. If you need a helping handing decluttering your wardrobe, please get in touch! I’d love to help you pare down your wardrobe to your best clothing assets. Contact me at to see how we could work together.