With my clothes swap just around the corner (it’s being held next Saturday 27th – you can still grab your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/clothes-swap-tickets-34136092973?aff=es2), I’m feeling inspired to share with you how I declutter my own wardrobe and my clients!  



Setting aside time to do the work is so important. Allow 3-4 hours in your schedule so you can commit to the process in one go. I find that I work best when I dedicate time to one session and get some music going while I have my own clothes clearing party!

Set an intention for your clutter clearing: it could be to clear your wardrobe of things you don’t feel good wearing, or to be deliberate about what you keep in your wardrobe. It is so helpful to clearly identify what you are working to achieve and you can come back to this intention if times get tough and you’re waist deep in your clothes (I jest, this won’t happen!).


Get started!

First, completely empty your wardrobe and drawers of every single piece of clothing onto your bed, or if your bed isn’t convenient, lay out clean sheets on the floor. While they’re empty, giive your wardrobe and drawers a dust all around, not forgetting the clothes rail which gets strangely dusty! Then sort every item into type piles: tops, jumpers, skirts, dresses, trousers, shorts, work out and so on. It makes it so much easier to assess each type when all items are grouped together.

Now you’re ready to start looking at every item! I recommend starting with one category and working your way through each. When you are assessing your clothes, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • Is it in good condition? If it has pulls, bobbles or stains that you just can’t shift – lose it. If it’s an item you’ve really loved wearing, this can be tough, but removing it from your closet is a signal that you’re ready for it to be replaced.
  • Does it fit? If the item is a “one day I’ll fit into this” kinda item, don’t keep it – it’s not an incentive and it’s just plain bad juju.
  • Does it fit well? An item might fit, but does it fit well? Does it sit right on you? If it doesn’t, donate it and someone else will absolutely love what it does for their shape.
  • Do I even like it? This seems so obvious, but hands up who has a heap of work clothes that are “good for work”, but not actually clothes you like or enjoy wearing. Ditch these!! You should wear clothes you adore at all times.
  • Do you love it? Do you love the way the material feels? Do you love how the colour makes your skin tone shine? Do you feel amazing each and every time you put this item on? If you answer yes – keep it! If you don’t, don’t.

I find it so helpful to keep coming back to these questions (you may want to write these somewhere visible) while you sort through your items. Carefully consider every item that you sort and make a conscious decision on what you want to keep.


Hang if you can

You will need to think about how you want to store your clothes as you sort. As a guide, my wardrobe left to right goes like this: tops, skirts, dresses, jumpers, coats. I fold trousers, shorts and workout clothes because I don’t have space in my wardrobe to hang everything and I find these clothes don’t get creased. Hang as much as you can, because you can easily see what you have and it means less ironing – and who likes ironing.

Within the left to right of my wardrobe, I also classify by sleeve or leg length. So, I start with strappy tops, to thick strap tops, to cap sleeve t-shirts, to t-shirts, to ¾ sleeves, to long sleeves. Then I start with skirts, working my way down in length, and so on and so forth. It makes finding what you’re looking for really easy as you know exactly where that top will be and it also means you can look in weather appropriate sections of your wardrobe! I don’t have separate summer and winter wardrobes hiding away, I have all of my items out all of the time.


What next?

So what do you do with all of the clothes you’ve sorted? You could bring them along to my clothes swap next weekend, host your own clothes swap with your girlfriends, donate to a charity shop, donate bobbly/pulled/stained clothes to your Dad/Boyfriend/Friend-who’s-a-tradie to use them as rags, or drop them into a clothing bank that recycles textiles, organise a market stall or sell branded pieces on eBay. There are so many options, please don’t put them in the bin as they go straight to landfill.

I go through a wardrobe cleanse on a semi-regular basis to assess what I own. I flip through everything in my wardrobe around once a month using the sorting rules, to check everything is in good condition and that I still want and love. It only takes around 10 minutes and also is an opportunity to straighten out your items to make sure they’re hanging or are folded properly and just keeps your wardrobe and drawers tidy and easy to appraise every day when you get dressed.

Remember the sorting rules as you buy new items: if you’re buying second-hand check that it is really in good condition, that the item fits properly and flatters your shape and above all, that you love it. Bring into your wardrobe only pieces that light you up and you’re super excited to wear – it makes getting dressed so much more fun.



My clothes swap is on 27th May (next weekend) and I’d love to see you there! It’s being held at Encompass Yoga and Fitness, a local and beautiful yoga studio in Penrith and Divine Raw Cakes by Kate is sponsoring the swap with locally made, delicious and healthy treats.


Come and swap some of your decluttered wardrobe in exchange for other pre-loved goodies! You can grab your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/clothes-swap-tickets-34136092973?aff=es2.