We’re taught how to use a washing machine, turn on an oven and other general household tasks (hopefully) before we move out of home, but we aren’t taught how to tidy. It seems obvious, but it’s something so many people struggle with and it’s a question I get asked a lot. So this week, I wanted to share with you how I keep myself tidy.

The advice I give to my clients is the same that I practice – to create tidying intervals throughout the day. I’m going to share with you my tidying intervals and also my client, Angela’s. We have totally different schedules, but identifying our sweet spots has made tidying easy!

Mid-week I usually go to the gym and get ready for work there, but on a Tuesday my fave podcast comes out (check it out – This American Life) so I like to go home instead and fluff around listening to it while I get ready for work. My Tuesday typically looks like this:

  • After I hop out the shower, I make the bed, draw the curtains and get ready for work. Before I leave the house, I put away everything that I’ve used.
  • When I get home from work, I unpack all of my bags and usually get started on dinner pretty soon. I tidy as I go, meaning that I wipe up spills, put away ingredients when I’m done and wipe down the surfaces as I cook.
  • Dan and I have this wonderful rule that whoever cooks, doesn’t clean up. This works out really well for me as I like to cook, but don’t love the washing up! After dinner, the house is pretty spick and span so just before bed, I have one more zoom around, put the pillows back straight on the sofa (#OCD) and generally make sure everything has a home.

Angela has a totally different routine to me. She’s a career coach specialising in helping lost gals in their 20s find their career mojo and works from home most of the time.

When we spoke about how to control her clutter, we identified key punctuations in her day and agreed on five super short tidying intervals in her day. For Angela, this meant putting everything away after her and her partners breakfast, tidying up her desk after her first session of work before going to the gym and then again after her second work session, completely tidying up after dinner and again before hopping into bed.

I’m SO curious to hear how you can implement these quick tidying sessions into your day – leave me a comment and let me know how this works for you.

P.S Don’t forget – the less stuff you have, the easier it is to keep tidy! If you need a hand pairing down your belongings, let me know and we’ll see how I might be able to help!