Today I promise I will keep it short and sweet with a three minute blog for my three minute rule.

Part of the decluttering process is practicing a little discipline. Discipline to put something away when you’re done using it; discipline to put something back where it really belongs (not where is easiest)  and finding a logical space for something new.

The most powerful tip I can give you to flex your discipline muscle and keep on top of your clutter is if it takes less than three minutes, just do it now.

This rule stops us procrastinating and stops the clutter mounting up. If you can do it in three minutes, the task won’t loom over you as another thing you have to remember to do. Instead, you can use that time worrying about mounting chores to do something more fun, more valuable and way more exciting.

Your three minute task might be wiping down the surfaces after each meal, filing away that guarantee for your new phone instead or just sending a message to the friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with.

So tell me – how can you apply the three minute rule?