Decluttering is not only about making your space more functional and streamlined, but it’s also an emotional process, getting rid of old things that no longer serve you and making way for new things, people and experiences to come your way.

For people who don’t naturally love decluttering, a coach can be really helpful to support you through the process. Today I wanted to share with you what a decluttering session with me really looks like…

For a first session, three hours is the sweet spot – it’s enough time to really get stuck in and see massive progress. Wardrobes are such a source of angst for so many of us and are a fabulous place to start decluttering. Our wardrobes are often full of clothes that we don’t like, or wear, things that don’t fit us properly and dresses that remind us of bad nights out. There is so much energy weighing down our wardrobes that everytime you look in there you’re hit with these reminders.

Beyond the actual decluttering, sessions with me always feature a few good ol’ deep and meaningfuls, lots of laughs and definitely snacks. What I love about my job is that I get to hang out with amazing women who are looking for positive change, all whilst I get my OCD on.

I’ve written about how to actually declutter and organise your wardrobe here, but if you need some support whether it be in person or by distance, just let me know – I’d love to be a part of helping you to clear your space.If you’re keen to hear more, I’m hosting a workshop at lululemon in the Macquarie Centre on Wednesday, September 19 at 6:30PM and I’d love to see you there. It’s free to come along – check out the event page here.