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Decluttering does not have to be a chore. The process of decluttering calls into question every item that you own and makes you question: ‘do I really need this?‘ ‘Does this bring value to my life?‘ ‘Do I feel great when I use/wear this item’?

Experience has shown me that once you calm the chaos and surround yourself with only items you LOVE, life becomes much simpler. I found having a wardrobe stuffed full of clothes made getting dressed in the morning quite stressful. Now that I have only clothes in my wardrobe that make me excited to get dressed, selecting an outfit for the day ahead so much easier and SO much more fun!

Getting started is often the hardest part and it is so helpful to be lovingly supported and held accountable for implementing change. My service is designed to help people completely declutter their entire home. I teach tools and methods to suit different lifestyles and individuals, and above all, the tools and methods are designed to make the change LAST.  I can teach and support you through every step of the process.

I offer a range of affordable services, always uniquely tailored to meet your individual needs, space and lifestyle:

  • Home decluttering and organisation.
  • Partial home decluttering and organisation, if you have a particular area that needs attention.
  • Top Tips session: This four hour session is designed for those wanting tips to better organise their home and implement the changes themselves.

All of these options can be done both in-person and online. To find out about how we can work together,

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I was so overwhelmed with the thought of having to sort through three years of clutter, I just couldn’t face any of it on my own. Kate made the whole process as pain free as possible. She stood by my side allowing me to go through the emotional process that comes with letting things go and made it as easy as possible. She let me make the final decisions and really helped me understand what I wanted and needed. She even took away the bags of clothes for me and made home styling suggestions that really helped me see new possibilities. The most valuable thing that I learnt through this process were the skills to implement long lasting change and avoid getting into such a mess again. My home is now a sanctuary and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to use Kate’s services. Grateful is an understatement.


I am usually one for organised chaos - being neat and clean has never been my strong suit. Then I watched Minimalism on Netflix and realised something HAD to give. Thank God for Kate. After just three sessions with her, I feel like I have a new understanding on the benefits of living a clutter-free life. My bedroom is now a sanctuary, my car is a haven and my bathroom is bliss! PLUS she has shown me so many amazing ways to re-use old sentimental items I may never have thought of - like repurposing my 21st dress into a top! She even has me folding my undies! (Who even AM I?!) Not only that, but Kate is so personable and lovely and amazing at what she does - I am sad our time is over. It was an absolute pleasure having her coach me and I recommend her highly to anyone who just needs an extra hand to get their stuff sorted!

Baulkham Hills

Kate has changed my life! I wasn't sure what to expect with my first consult, Kate identified where problems were in my home and how to address them. She had so many great tips. 

On our first session we got stuck into my wardrobe! Normally I'd be embarrassed by the state of my cupboards, but Kate is so friendly and I felt so comfortable (and not judged!). I undertook the decluttering of my whole home with guidance of Kate's comprehensive program, her regular personal check-ins kept me motivated and on-track.

Kate helped me identify the negative impact that the abundance of 'stuff' in my home was having on my state of mind. I felt like I was having to 'manage' a million items in my home. Tidying is now a quick task, and I'm now considering each purchase or item that comes into my home. It means I'm saving money, and the environment.

Kate's services are invaluable and I would recommend her a thousand times over

Mona Vale

I moved into my apartment less than a year ago, and was struggling to get it organized: my kitchen counter was cluttered with papers, things were falling off of my closet shelves, and my bathroom drawers were a mess. Quite frankly, I felt totally overwhelmed and had NO idea where to start.

In came Kate. (Thank goodness!) In our Skype sessions, Kate worked through every room of my house with me, helping me to find a creative solution to whatever issue I was having. She truly has a gift for seeing the potential of a space, and she helped me find a "home" for everything I own! My fiance commented on how much he loved the changes I made, and our apartment has transformed into a space that I feel sooo good in.

I’m truly amazed that Kate was able tidy my apartment virtually, and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone feeling overwhelmed by clutter. Kate is an encouraging and loving guide who will transform your home into a beautiful, organized sanctuary. I'm so grateful I got to work with her!

Los Angeles

I worked with Kate via Skype decluttering my kitchen. My cupboards were always overflowing and messy - I had decluttered and tidied these cupboards many times before on my own, but the proof that Kate did an amazing job is that this time they’ve actually stayed clean! Yep my Tupperware cupboard is no longer a complete disaster, because Kate helped make it more organised in a way that I (and my husband who usually puts things back anywhere!) have managed to keep it clean months later! Thank you Kate!