If you’re thinking of selling your home, clearing your space should be up there on the list of the most important things to do to showcase your home and ultimately to ensure you get the biggest return on your most important investment. Potential buyers are attracted to clear, clutter-free spaces with minimal decorations – a ‘blank canvas’ so that they can envisage living in the space. A side bonus of decluttering at this point is that when it does come to moving, you’ll have much less to move than you did before – it’s win win!


Getting started

Before you dive in to decluttering, I suggest that you make a plan of how you will declutter your home room by room. Typically, I suggest doing this as a flow through your home, starting at your own bedroom. If you create a plan and commit to completion dates as mini-projects, it breaks up what can seem like a daunting task into small, actionable portions.

An example of a decluttering flow in a 2 bedroom unit would be: master bedroom, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, garage space.


How do you ‘declutter’?

The aim of decluttering is to sort through everything that you own and decide if you want to keep it, donate it or toss it. A popular decluttering philosophy is to create three piles for these three categories. If you have a garage – I suggest making this your declutter zone to host your donate and toss piles so you can deal with them easily at the end of the process.

There can be a lot of emotional attachment when you are sorting through your belongings. Really consider whether you still use the item, if you have duplicates – keep your favourite and when it comes to clothes and home furnishings – and if you don’t love it, don’t keep it. Focus on paring down your belongings to keep what you need, love and use. It’s amazing how this simple approach makes life flow a little easier.


Remember – clutter has a tendency to hide

Clutter often gathers on flat surfaces, in corners and out of sight in various storage. Potential buyers will be looking in cupboards, linen closets, wardrobes and other fixed storage areas like attics, sheds and garages. Be sure that these spaces are shown off in the best way by keeping storage tidy and with enough empty space for buyers to get a feel for the storage volume.

A benefit of clearing your space is that it makes it so much easier to see any rooms that might need a little TLC to make best showcase your space – like a fresh lick of paint or some new furnishings.


Finishing touches

There is a subtlety in making your space look inviting and homey, but not too personalised or sterile. Handpick your favourite items to display, making your space a ‘blank canvas’, but still with a hint of you.


Decluttering can be a daunting task, especially if you are under time pressure. If you need a little along your decluttering journey, please get in touch! I am a Penrith-based declutter coach and would love to help.

Kate Jennings