Our homes are intimate – it’s our safe space, it’s where we unwind, relax and spend time with our loved ones. I believe that we absorb our environments and our home can affect our physical and emotional health – it can lift us up and bring us down, help us to be healthy and vibrant or anxious and overwhelmed. So creating a gorgeous, uplifting home is super important for our health and we have the ability to switch it up if it’s not working for us.  Every home can become a sanctuary and today wanted to share some easy add ins that make my home feel good for me.

My absolute top tip for creating your very own sanctuary is to have less stuff – it makes you way less stressed and just makes life flow a little easier. When you have less stuff and less stuff out on display – it makes cleaning so.much.easier. Not only that, but you can choose what you want to display inkeeping with the goals you’re trying to achieve. Clear a surface and set up a vision board filled with inspo, affirmations and beautiful imagery to help you get motivated and reminded of your goals.

Bring in some plants to cleanse the air of toxins. You can display them in a pot or basket throughout your entire house – the kitchen, bathrooms, living areas and bedrooms. I love peace lilies (although I’m not great at keeping them happy), aloe vera (which doubles as a facemask), elephant ears and boston ferns.

Salt lamps give a beautiful, soft light and make any space instantly more relaxing! I have one in our bathroom, which is on the majority of the time and makes for a fabulous night light and another in our living room. I just love reading on the couch with the salt lamp on – I find it super relaxing.

In winter and midsummer, we often opt for air conditioning.Open the windows and let in fresh air every day – whatever the weather is doing! Fresh air obvi keeps your home smelling great and it also moves along stagnant energy.

Invest in a diffuser and add whatever essential oil your mood calls for. I love Citrus Bliss during the day and Lavender at night time. I have two diffusers – one in our bedroom and one in our living room and often have them both going. Most candles have toxic ingredients and while they give off a great vibe, they might not be doing much for your health with synthetic fragrances and soot. If you do want to keep using candles – I suggest looking for beeswax, fragrance-free or fragranced using essential oils, with a cotton wick.

Eliminate (or at least heavily mitigate) your use of chemical cleaners and instead opt for toxin-free cleaning products. I’ve written a blog post here on what I use.

You don’t have to dive in and make huge change, but I encourage you to start exploring different ways you can bring more of yourself, your goals and visions into your home. I’d love to know what changes you make! Just comment below <3