Today I wanted to share with you a super simple organisation trick for your pantry and freezer stash that involves masking tape (bear with me).  

I love storing bulk foods in glass jars. Not only because they add an insta-worthy vibe to your pantry, but because they make dry foods last longer and you can fit more in the cupboard when the jars are uniformed, unlike a mishmash of different packaging.

But labelling the jars with their contents and sometimes their cooking instructions can be tricky – either with that annoying sticky residue from labels, or glass pen that gets evvvverywhere. So instead, I use masking tape. It peels off with no residue and looks kinda shabby-chic amongst the glass jars. AND it works really well for labelling containers in the freezer – and if you do forget to take it off before you do the washing up, it doesn’t matter – there isn’t that tissue-in-the-washing-machine aftermath to deal with – it just peels straight off!