I have been giving a lot of thought to my New Year’s resolution and this year, I’d like to share this resolution to keep myself accountable on this journey.

I’ve been dabbling with this concept for a long time, but now I feel the time has come to truly commit. My 2017 intention is to consciously consume. What I mean by conscious consumption is for everything that I purchase to be mindfully bought. Bought because I LOVE it and because I NEED it and with consciousness and awareness of what is making me buy whatever item.

My intention is to stop mindlessly buying clothes that don’t make me excited to wear them. To cut down on the quantity of what I consume and to consume with awareness of how things come to me. I want to surround myself only with belongings that I truly love and remove the excess.

I’m trying to break 27-year-old habits, so it likely won’t be pretty and certainly won’t be perfect, but this is my 2017 intention, resolution, commitment – whatever you want to call it – and I hope I will have your support <3