Last week on my blog, I shared my favourite makeup products. In the second installment of this trilogy, I wanted to share with you my favourite beauty products. My intention with sharing this is to help people make the switch to natural products – but bear in mind, what works for me might not work for you.

  • For body wash, I use Dr Bronner and lavender is my absolute fave scent. I buy the litre bottle and fill up a smaller bottle so that I don’t have to have a huge one in the shower but still benefit from the bulk buy and reduced plastic.
  • I cannot find a natural shampoo. I have tried a number, including Davroe and A Bit Hippy, which I liked for a while, but found that both didn’t make my hair have that just washed feeling. So now I use Matrix hydration and purple shampoo a couple of times a week to keep the brassiness out of my hair. I would love to hear what natural shampoo and conditioner works for you?
  • Instead of a face moisturiser, I use the Sukin rosehip oil, which is pure rosehip and is beautiful. I have problem skin, so I also add in a couple of drops of lavender essential oil and frankincense essential oil to help out. It also makes it smell better than pure rosehip oil!
  • On my body, I use almond oil that I just buy from the health food store. I find coconut oil greasy and I feel like I have to pat off the excess afterwards. Almond oil is really light, easy to apply and doesn’t feel oily – but still makes my skin super soft. To make it a bit jazzier, I then add around 8 drops of Doterra’s Wild Orange essential oil to a full bottle.
  • I use Black Chicken Axilla deodorant paste, which is 100% the best natural deodorant I have ever used. Because it is bicarb based, sometimes my skin get a bit sensitive so I use A Bit Hippy Nothing to Smell Here cream deodorant.
  • Next up, I dry my hair, apply my make-up then do something with my hair. I set it using the Giovanni L.A. Hold Hair Spritz (spray), which I’ve found really holds my hair in place.
  • I take my makeup off using Sukin Cleansing Gel in sensitive (the non-sensitive version hurts my eyes) while I’m in the shower, which gets off all of my makeup. If there’s any mascara left on, I use my mix of almond oil and a reusable face pad.
  • Sometimes I use the Sukin Rose Water toner, but I have to be pretty honest that I am pretty lazy on doing this. I also plan to replace this with a just plain rose water when I have run out of the Sukin product as it only has the one ingredient.
  • If I feel like a facemask, I use manuka honey and leave it on for around 15-30 minutes before hopping in the shower to wash it off. Manuka honey helps heal pimples with it’s antibacterial properties. Sometimes I add a bit of cinnamon, which helps to reduce redness, inflammation and acne scarring.
  • It took a bit of getting used to, but bicarb based MiEssence mint toothpaste is my go to. The bicarb also helps to whiten your teeth (naturally).
  • Before bed, I put lavender oil on my pulse points – it helps me to get in the zone for sleeping.
  • I love having painted nails, but sadly non-gel varnish does not last over 12 hours on me, so I do my own Shellac mani pedis. I know it is super toxic and I have been looking out for an alternative. There is an American product called Bio Sea Weed Gel which cures in the sunshine and I love the idea of that! Sadly it’s not yet available in Australia. 

I hope something here inspires you try out a more natural alternative. Also – just a reminder that the Think Dirty app is such a great resource – check it out! I’d love to hear how ‘dirty’ your beauty products score. Just leave a comment below!