Last week, we finally moved into our house!

So exciting, but jeez, had I forgotten how much work moving house is. The decluttering, the organising, the packing, the unpacking, the organising again…

All that coupled with a good few nights of insomnia and I am WIPED.

This week I’m trying to focus on deep breathing – my breath has been so shallow lately – and trying to learn that it all doesn’t have to be done straight away. I’m trying to settle into having things outstanding to do (which makes me suuuper uncomfortable). Nothing gives me more satisfaction than taking things off and leaving the day with an empty list. But now, with our own home, we have a list that’s growing as fast as we’re taking things off!

If you’re moving house soon – beyond the basics, here are my top decluttering and organisational tips…

Declutter BEFORE you move! And again when you move. You might find that once you arrive in your new home, you don’t want old juju in your new space. But before you dive in, I suggest you make a plan of how you will declutter your home room by room, starting with your own bedroom. Create a plan and commit to completion dates as mini-projects – it breaks up what can seem like a daunting task into small, actionable portions.

We didn’t have much that we could pack ahead of time, because we use pretty much everything on the reg. If you find that you can pack loads ahead of time – really question if you need it, if you want it and if you use it. Chances are, you won’t.

If you have the space, earmark a room or your garage to be your packing room. Once you’ve packed up a box, place it in this room and shut the door so the mess of moving doesn’t take over your entire home.

Create a list on Google Docs of things you need for your new house and things you need to do so you can reference it anywhere and cross things off as you go.

Moving house is hard work, but gosh, do I feel grateful when I look around at our beautiful home. Are you moving soon, or have you just moved? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below!