Bathroom cabinets can be a wild storage trove of every type of lotion and potion. Knowing where everything is and what you’ve got can save you precious time in the morning, where you could be kicking back with a tea.

In these four easy steps, you can declutter your bathroom cabinet and make it quick and easy to access to access your favourite product. Here’s how to do it:

Step One

Take everything out of the cabinet, plus any other products that you have scattered around your bedroom and bathroom, on a clean towel and wipe down the shelves and walls of the cupboard.

Step Two

Do a quick sort of your products into piles:

  • Products that are super old and have, or are likely to have, passed their expiration date. Also put in this pile any products that you don’t like.
  • Items that you use every day, and categorise further into skincare, haircare, dental
  • Duplicate and spare products
  • Items that you use rarely, like a special facemask for instance
  • Products that shouldn’t really be in there (like random band aids or jewellry)
  • Any of your partners products

Step Three

Products are a haven for bacteria (especially items like mascara), so get rid of the products that are really old and gone off. You can squeeze out the contents and recycle the packaging in most cases.

For products you don’t like – you can either recycle them, or give them to a friend if you think they might like it. Don’t hang onto them in the hope that one day you might like it – these will just take up space.

Create a box that you keep separately (maybe keep it under the bathroom sink, or in your linen closet) to store all of the products that are duplicates (who doesn’t stock up on shampoo when it’s on special!), spares (like a bulk castille soap) and special items that you use less than weekly (e.g. fake tan). This means you can optimally store what you use on the reg and you won’t end up with three half empty shampoos.

Put away anything that shouldn’t be in there its right home. For example, I had left a medicated mouthwash in the cabinet that I used when I had my wisdom teeth out in my cabinet, so I moved that back to my ‘spare’ box.

If you have a partner that you share your cabinet with, keep their products all grouped together, to let them organise themselves.

Step Four

Now you’re left with your core beauty arson. The aim is to get everything away so your space has the minimal vibe – the added bonus is that it is easier to keep your space tidy and is much quicker to dust!

Before you start putting your products away, wipe each one. Also, consider the space that you have, think about which product group lends itself to the depth and height that you have available in your cabinet. For instance, hair care is typically quite tall, so you may need to move around some shelves to make it work.

As you put your products away, keep your product groups together and make the products that you use most in the most accessible part of the shelf. In the example below, I put the body oil and deodorant in the middle of the bottom shelf as this is what I use most regularly.

Going Forward

Now you have a beautifully organised bathroom cabinet, it is important to keep disciplined about putting away your items correctly. You can check out more tips on creating self-discipline here. Decluttering your bathroom cabinet is a process that you might need to do every six months or so to reassess what you are and aren’t using, don’t be afraid to retake these steps until you get it right.

If you haven’t already, decluttering your bathroom cabinet is a great time to consider taking small steps to reduce chemical exposure within your beauty regime. As products run low, research how ‘dirty’ the ingredients are and make a decision on whether you want to switch to a more natural version. The app ‘Think Dirty’ is a great resource to see what’s really in the products you use. If you’d like to read more about what I use, check out this post on beauty products and this post on natural make-up.