Since moving to Sydney five years ago, I have moved SIX times. Crazy, huh. Despite longing for a less transient life, I do actually love moving. I love the excitement of trying to remember the floor plan of the place you’re moving into and I feast off sketching out and planning where my furniture can go. The opportunity for a fresh start and a new set of adventures is just so exciting!

SO many of my friends are moving at the moment. Given that it is said moving house is in the top three most stressful things to do (it doesn’t have to be), I thought it was an ideal time to share my top tips for moving!

Tip number 1: Plan, plan, plan

Once the initial excitement of securing your super competitive Sydney apartment has subsided, planning on how you are going to move is critical:

  • Do you have little enough stuff to manage without removers and just do it yourself, perhaps with a questionable Balmain Rentals ute? (Been there done that!)
  • Do you have enough muscle to help you move?
  • Do you have enough boxes? If you don’t, raid your work place for empty paper boxes or hand towel boxes; visit your local grocery/liquor store (liquor boxes are super strong) or ask some friends to borrow boxes from their recent move.
  • When do you plan on moving? On one day, or gradually? Do you need to secure some time off from work, or rope in some friends with the promise of a sausage sizzle?


Tip number 2: Don’t move stuff you don’t need, want or LOVE

This is really the core principal of my work. If you don’t need it, want it, or even love it – then why keep it. Let alone, why bother moving it!

If you know you’re planning on moving, take the opportunity to purge your belongings using this philosophy. Once you’ve identified the items that are no longer bringing value to your life, sell them, donate them or scrap them (depending on their condition) and move to your new space only things that will enrich it and your experience with your new place.

Tip number 3: Get excited!

Moving to a new place, whatever the circumstances, is exciting. It’s a space for a physical fresh start. Your new home might be just down the road, or even in a completely different city, but the energy of this space is new to you and opens you up to a whole new set of possibilities.

To help you get excited, consider what opportunities this change might bring you, consider the amazing new space you get to inhabit and consider the excitement of making a space your own with belongings that are special to you and make you feel happy!

Tip number 4: Don’t buy new stuff until you’re settled in your new place

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you’re moving into a house share, you’ve spoken about it and ascertained that no one owns a saucepan – go ahead.

I recommend not buying furniture or “odd items” until you’re living in the space. Buying furniture ahead of moving in can be an expensive mistake. I have done this in the past and I underestimated the size of my apartment and got something that was way too big for the space – it ended up being redundant and subsequently sold.

Likewise, if you’re moving in with someone else – hold off on buying stuff until you are sure it is needed. One time, I moved into a house share and had no Tuppawear containers to my name. So, anticipating my move, I went out and bought a couple more. When I moved in, I found that my new housemates had zillions of Tuppawear containers. I didn’t need them, so I took them back, but it was something extra to do at an already busy time.

Top tip number 5: Get your basics organised

If it is a brand new place you’re moving into, get your electricity, internet (if you need it) and water connected. Trust me, you’ll need a shower after a day of moving.

Top tip number…. Ok, a bonus tip: Move your clothes in bedsheets

Yes it sounds a little strange, but it WORKS. A friend of mine taught me (during my second Aussie move) an amazing trick. Take your clothes out of the wardrobe, keeping them on the hangers, and lay them flat into a bed sheet (quilt cover, flat sheet, fitted sheet – whatever you’ve got). Get a good pile going and then tie the opposite corners of the sheet together on all 4 sides so that you get a cute (but large) Peter Pan knapsack of clothes. This way, when you get to your new place, you can just untie the corners of your moving parcel, take out the clothes and hang them in your new wardrobe. Voila! No unnecessary folding, no tangled up coat hangers and much, much quicker clothes packing 🙂

So, to my friends who are embarking on a move – enjoy the experience and I hope you find my tips of use 🙂

P.S – If you think you could do with some help during your moving experience, or in general with your decluttering challenges, hit me up! Just send me an email at and we’ll see how I might be able to support you!