Yesterday I went to Peter Alexander to replace a PJ top. I came out of the store with the top I went in for, but also with slipper flip flops. Unusual, I know. I had a pair a few years ago and they were amazing (soft, yet cool and oh-so comfy). Infact, just last week I was reminiscing with a friend about them, so when I saw them (and especially as they were on sale) – I just bought them without much thought at all.

Eager to try on my slip slops, jI took the packaging off and immediately noticed that they weren’t as comfy as I had remembered and I actually didn’t like the navy blue colour I had chosen. The initial gratification evaporated, I felt deflated and ashamed of my unconscious consumption.

But, with everything in life, there is a lesson to be had and in turn a gift. So, what did I learn?

  • I should have taken a moment to really consider my purchase. Were they going to add value to my life? Was I likely to love them so much, that I would wear them out?
  • I should have asked to try them on in-store to check they were as soft as clouds, like my old pair.
  • There were baskets and baskets of slippers in the store, I should have gone back next week if I still wanted them. (I often go away and if I keep thinking about the item, I will go back to look again, rather than buy it straight away. Sometimes, after waiting, my size isn’t in stock anymore – I take this as a sign from the Universe that it was just not meant to be!)

Sometimes we need to slip up to remind us of what we already know. So, again, I have learned the lesson of impulse buying (or rather, not impulse buying). Learning new habits is a muscle, I’ve just got to keep flexing.

But, what is next for my slip slops I hear you ask?  I will persevere with them, but if I find that they aren’t adding value to my life, I will donate them (most likely to my Mum, who has also been coveting a pair!).