I am beyond excited to share with you a brand spanking new approach that I’ve been busy trialling with a new client – who is in L.A!

Distance Decluttering works pretty much like an in-person session, but instead of being physically present I use technology for clients to show me their spaces, their clutter challenges and current organisation so I can provide practical, meaningful advice and an execution plan for clients to declutter their space.

Angela lives in L.A lives in a one bedroom apartment with her fiancé. Over a course of six hour-long sessions, we worked through decluttering her entire home – starting with her kitchen, home office, linen closet, bathroom, bedroom and walk-in wardrobe. We worked through not only physical clutter, but also delved into what behaviours cause the clutter that overwhelms her so much and worked together on practical tips that fit her lifestyle and routine so that she could continue her decluttered experience.

The Distance Decluttering program can be tailored to suit your needs specifically – whether you’re craving a more organised wardrobe, a beautiful bedroom, or a whole home declutter. You still get all of the juicy, decluttering, nerdy-decluttering experience that I have to offer you! And to keep you on track and accountable for the decluttering process, after each session, I will give you homework to do before our next call

Enough from me – here’s what Angela has to say…

“I moved into my apartment less than a year ago, and was struggling to get it organized: my kitchen counter was cluttered with papers, things were falling off of my closet shelves, and my bathroom drawers were a mess. Quite frankly, I felt totally overwhelmed and had NO idea where to start.

In came Kate. (Thank goodness!) In our Skype sessions, Kate worked through every room of my house with me, helping me to find a creative solution to whatever issue I was having. She truly has a gift for seeing the potential of a space, and she helped me find a “home” for everything I own! My fiance commented on how much he loved the changes I made, and our apartment has transformed into a space that I feel sooo good in.

I’m truly amazed that Kate was able tidy my apartment virtually, and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone feeling overwhelmed by clutter. Kate is an encouraging and loving guide who will transform your home into a beautiful, organized sanctuary. I’m so grateful I got to work with her!!

To launch this new service to you, my lovely followers, I would like to extend an offer of a free 30 minute online consultation to explore your clutter challenges and how we could work through them together. The call is completely obligation-free, it’s just an opportunity to see if we could be a good fit.

If you’re interested and would like to talk more, please email me at katelouiselife@gmail.com – I can’t wait to hear from you.