I confess: I am a recovering clothes addict.

I LOVE shopping. I’ve regularly fallen victim to the lures of the Witchery sale rail, where I bought clothes that I didn’t love, just because they were discounted and they were quite nice.

When I had an event to go to, I would buy a new dress. Quickly and without much thought. I would buy something because I needed something new to make me feel more confident and to give myself some armour in that social situation. These dresses were rarely ones I adored, or that I even found overly flattering, but I bought them because I needed some validation.

After a lot of events and many Witchery rummages, I ended up with a wardrobe crammed full of clothes that I didn’t feel excited to wear. The sheer volume of clothes was huge, yet I never felt like I had a thing to wear. For me, it was a continuous cycle of not feeling good enough,  going shopping and buying something average because I didn’t want to spend $150 on the top I really liked, wearing it just once and not feeling great until I put it back in the wardrobe, never to be seen again.

It would hit me just how many clothes I had whenever I moved house (which I did on a semi-regular basis). I would have two supersized suitcases and multiple clothes parcels full of clothes, plus additional boxes of bags and accessories. When I moved somewhere with an average sized wardrobe, it just couldn’t house or cope with all of my belongings – I had a number of broken rail incidents!

Although I regularly purged, I thought everything I had was genuinely something I wanted and used, but during my fifth move in only four years, it struck me just how much stuff I had accumulated in such a short amount of time. It was only my wardrobe that was overflowing, not my bank account, my happiness, nor my sense of adventure. I was spending my hard-earned money on more stuff, yet not living the life I was destined to live. So I started the biggest cleanse of my life.

It changed EVERYTHING. I found that my life flowed better, getting dressed in the morning was no longer a chore, but a joy now that I only had clothes in my wardrobe that I really loved to wear. I had more space and more time to pursue my passions, like yoga. I took up an additional yoga class, something I’d been craving for a long time, and I still love the 90 minutes on a Monday evening where I get to play, experiment and fall over (a lot) with funky yogi moves. Amongst so many other things, decluttering gave me more space and energy to learn. I found I had more time to listen to podcasts, read books, and be in that “student mindset” that I so love.

Once I drastically decluttered my space, I started to learn about the minimalist movement and I realised that I could help other people battle their clothing addictions and live a life with less stuff and more room for creativity and passions.  

My approach to organising goes beyond finding better ways to store all of a person’s belongings. It is a complete process that helps the individual to understand why they collect what they do and I also help people stay organised after our tidying sessions (a challenge for many!) by teaching how to continually assess whether our belongings are ones we need and love.

If you’re in Sydney and need help decluttering, please get in touch! Send me an email at katelouiselife@gmail.com and we’ll see how I might be able to support you 🙂