I am so passionate about using natural products in place of traditional chemicals. Over the past three weeks, I have shared my fave natural makeup and beauty products. The final installment of my natural trilogy is natural cleaners.

Traditional cleaning products have a whole host of chemicals. Ingredients that can cause respiratory irritation, hormone disruption and even cancer. It is so scary it sounds like it couldn’t be true. Next time you’re in the supermarket, check out the ingredients list and try to pronounce all of those long scientific words on the ingredients list… it’s hard! The industry is also pretty unregulated, so it is likely that the manufacturer hasn’t listed all of the ingredients in the product – so we don’t even know what we’re getting.

I really don’t like cleaning, so I have tried to make it as simple and streamlined as possible by reducing the number of products that I use down to just four:

*I’m trying out a homemade cleaner using vinegar and essential oils (can you tell essential oils are my jam at the moment?!). The vinegar is a bit strong smelling, but it cleans well and I’m tinkering with the composition to make it smell a bit nicer. If I am successful, I’ll share my recipe!

For washing up and clothes washing, I use Kin Kin (a Queensland based company) dishwashing liquid and laundry liquid. It’s a soft eucalyptus scent and smells lovely. We did recently did a bubble test and found that the laundry liquid (which has almost identical ingredients to the dishwashing liquid) works just as well, so we will be discontinuing our use of the dishwashing liquid to reduce the number of products again.

I also want to be completely honest with how far I integrate natural products into my home. Sometimes, I feel like the shower needs a good chemical clean with a supermarket cleaner. So, when it needs to be done, I open all the windows while I clean to get rid of those nasty fumes. As well as my chemical clean now and then, I also still spray the bejeezus out of my skirting boards with surface spray keep those gross cockroaches at bay. I just can’t stand them! I pick my battles.

I’ll be back to my decluttering blog next week, but I hope you have enjoyed my segway over the past three posts. I’d love to hear – are you tempted to try out a natural alternative?