I have been on a path of wellness for the past five or so years – mentally, physically and spiritually – striving to get healthier, more aware of myself and rework my relationship with food. I’ve tried heaps of diets, exercise regimes, not being healthy at all, being super healthy, meditating, journaling and self-development books galore… It’s been a period of exploration and I learnt something every single time I tried something new.

It was eighteen months ago that I started working on a side hustle to pursue a passion, and almost a year ago that I officially launched my decluttering biz into the world. I just love helping people purge their belongings and release emotional blocks around the ‘stuff’ that they have in their lives.

I knew I wanted to do something work-wise that was aligned with my passions. When I considered what my passions were, on my list was always organising, but also health. But, I didn’t feel healthy enough to do anything with this passion – how could I help other people, when I still had so much work to do myself?

I didn’t think I was healthy enough to help other people improve their health. But what I have since come to realise, is that my struggles are my strengths. I understand that we can’t flip a switch to suddenly crave green smoothies and cauliflower, because I’ve been there. I have felt my own pain and judgement around relationships with food. And now I just know that my experience can help other people understand themselves and understand their behaviour to make positive change.

I have just started a year-long health coaching course through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I signed because it felt right and because it captures everything that I’m interested in – food (always), spirituality, different diet philosophies and how everything in our lives (relationships, spirituality, food and exercise – to name a few) contribute to our overall health and sense of wellness. My intention in taking this course is to be open to new teachings, be curious about where this course could take me and build a strong foundation of knowledge in nutrition and coaching.

So far, my blog has been pretty focussed on decluttering tips and tricks (you can check it out here), but along the way, I’d also love to share with you what I learn and what is influencing me. So I’m going to transition my blog to include posts on health, spirituality, recipes, decluttering and all of the other stuff I’m interested in, to be a truer reflection of me.