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As a child, I was incredibly messy. My bedroom floor was rarely seen and clothes were only put away when my Mum really made me. Even then, those lovingly washed and ironed clothes were shoved in any available space in my wardrobe!

When I moved out of home at 18 to go to university, practically overnight I became super tidy and so house proud – no mean feat in a student house! Yet I still had a lot of stuff. I was one of those people with a bursting wardrobe, but never had anything to wear. My belongings were tidy and minimal at a surface level, but inside my organised and categorised cupboards and drawers lived a lot of stuff I just didn’t use, want or need.

After university, I moved from the UK to Sydney with work. I arrived on these beautiful shores with two suitcases and four boxes of my worldly belongings. Throughout my early and mid 20s, I maintained my tidiness to the point of OCD and always enjoyed purging and organising my belongings into new and better systems and storage methods, but I still owned so much.  I thought everything I had was genuinely something I wanted and used, but during my fifth move in only four years, it struck me just how much stuff I had accumulated in such a short amount of time. It was only my wardrobe that was overflowing, not my bank account, my happiness, nor my sense of adventure. My colourful closet was packed with market finds, undisplayed trinkets and spare pots and pans that I simply had no room for. I was spending my hard-earned money on more stuff, yet not living the life I was destined to live.

So, I started the biggest cleanse of my life.

I read books on decluttering, devoured blogs and podcasts on minimalism and used my love of organising to seriously pare down what I had in my life, to truly evaluate every belonging. This purge left me with only things that I truly loved and things that really bought value to my life: clothes that make me feel like a beautiful princess warrior and furniture that lights me up when I look at it (like my chest of drawers with sparkly knobs). The process of physically clearing my space gave me so much more energy to pursue my passions.

After this life-changing cleanse, I realised that I could harness my love of organising to teach others how to do the same! It feels amazing to help my clients go from feeling overwhelmed and disorganised to feeling relaxed and nourished in a space that is organised and beautiful. I truly believe every home should be a sanctuary, and I know it’s possible.

I look forward to sharing my best organising tips and insights with you! (If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, be sure to do so here).

I’m so happy our paths have crossed!

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